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77504 Death Star Lilies

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9 hours ago, ChumBucket said:

I dig it! Getting a very day of the triffids and/or little shop of horrors vibe. 


Well it is a mean green mother from outer space.


And it's bad :devil:

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    • By Glitterwolf
      Another piece for my Lost World Project.
      WIP here:
      I was inspired by @malefactus who made a few scenic photo backdrop boards. ( He also send me the War Turtle as a gift, he is in the last pic)
      I figured I'll give it a try, would be nice to take pics of finished recruits and monsters in the right surroundings.
      So I made this little board out of foam, Some greenstuff and Milliput on wood to create an Aztec Style Dungeon Door, I made the glyphs using a Greenstuffworld Rolling Pin.
      Vegetation made with a little plastic plant from a thrift store, Aztec Ruins from Greenstuffworld and lots of moss/flock and such which were a gift from the awesome @knarthex.
      Hope you enjoy it
      I have taken pics of my Lost World minis in this background and they can be seen in my Lost World Project.
      A few teasers are in here.
      Nothing too complicated, I kept it simple because it is "just" a backdrop.
      I had fun making it.
      Maybe I will make another one with an Undead/Gothic theme one day too.
      Well here it is.

    • By Pingo
      I went back and forth over whether these needed to be linked for nudity, but they're not nude, they're plants that look sort of like women.  I saw other versions posted on the forums so I guess they're okay.
      These are fun figures.  They're killer seaweed with humanlike form.  They haven't got faces, just sort of eyespots.  There are little skulls nestled under their fronds.  I have them in metal too, but these are the first I've painted.
      Here they are primed with Reaper Brown Liner.

      I mixed a transparent dark green out of Phthalocyanine Green and Burnt Sienna and washed it over the chlorophyll-bearing parts of the plants.

      I mixed a sickly pale green out of Phthalo Green, Hansa Yellow Opaque, Yellow Iron Oxide, Burnt Sienna, and a lot of Titanium White.  It was actually for some frog's bellies, but I also used it to pick out the woman-forms of the monsters.  First (on the left) there's one layer (it's semi-translucent), and some yellow sandy color washed over the bases.  Against a dark background the color is almost unnoticeable in the white.  Then (on the right) there's another layer on their flesh and more yellow on the bases.  The color is coming out a little better.

      I mixed a medium brown, sort of skin tone and washed it over the sand to head the color in the direction of more realism.  I also added a bit of a very pale, just slightly greenish yellow as a highlight on the woman-forms.

      They are pretty sloppy at the moment.  I wanted to get basic coloring down before moving in to a finer level of detail.
      I love that there are so many possibilities in the Bones figures.
    • By Corporea
      Hey all, I'm trying to obtain some etched brass foliage.  I've found the following useful information sites:
      Derek's site from his lizardman: Squadron
      Information from hasselfree, although I can't find that they sell them anymore... wait, I found it... here!
      The website hasselfree used: Scale Link
      And the Wampstore.
      After perusing them, I have a question about the scale.  Scale link lists multiple scales- I want the 1/32 (gauge 1), right?  I know that sounds like a crazy question, but I want to make sure I order the right stuff.  Also, does anyone else have an etched brass hookup they want to share?

    • By Loim
      Several people were asking about brass foliage in DKS's thread in the showoff forum. I didn't want to hijack the thread. There are several sources out there, but the one I am most familiar with is Hasslefree Minis.
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