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Empire of the Ghouls

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$125,509 and counting!

1,707 backers and still going!


In today’s sneak peek, we look at the two different special edition cover options for Empire of the Ghouls. We have done similar special edition covers for some of our previous Kickstarter projects, and we included pictures of those books for an “in person” look at the types of covers we offer.


Check it out here!



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This is the last chance to tell your GM, your online buddies, and total strangers about the glory of the Ghoul Imperium! The Emperor needs you to post a link to this Kickstarter somewhere, anywhere, the better to draw in additional surface dwellers as recruits and, erm, fuel to expand the Empire of the Ghouls project to maximum awesomeness.
1,974 backers
24 hours to go
Next stretch goal at $150K - adding more ruins and cities to the Underworld and adding a higher level encounter to Underworld Lairs.
Help us get there! Bang the drum and sound the horn! TELL YOUR FRIENDS about Empire of the Ghouls and please the Emperor!


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This looks pretty great, but I don't have any interest in 5E. Now if they had a LL or a Swords and Wizardry version I'd be all over it :). 

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Thank you all so very much for your support with the Empire of Ghouls Kickstarter!!!


2,337 backers!

$168,687 raised


You helped Kobold Press bring our first full-length adventure path to life, and we are truly overjoyed. So overjoyed, in fact, the Kobolds have collapsed from happiness. This project went bigger than we expected, which is great but also a LOT to plan! We suspect the Kobold-in-Chief will wander the warrens, prodding the kobolds back to life over the weekend!


Find out all about the next steps, now that the Kickstarter is over:




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