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Paradoxical Mouse

Mouse's Monumental Manic May Mini Mayhem

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I've decided I need to get better about finishing things. And at speed painting. 


So. Enter my May painting challenge. For every day in May, I am going to paint a townsfolk mini from Bones 4 from start to finish. These minis will be painted to at least a tabletop+ standard but getting to a display standard is the goal.


I only have 28 minis I count as townsfolk from Bones 4,  though...which means the last 3 will be adventurers (1 of which is not Bones 4) for my players and my Starfinder character.


And so, we begin with day 1.

Today's mini is:


The milk maid! I really wish Bones 4 minis photographed as good as they look.


Here I go!

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this sounds like a great challenge! 

I look forward to following it. 


If your willing to flex your rules... I found that priming one day, doing basecoat and painting the next day worked really well.

although I actually used the 3rd day to finish details, and worked on 3 at once.   I didn't make it all the way to 30 though. 

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5 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

That looks ... strikingly like Belle. Great start! 

"There goes the wizard with his books like always,
To conjure forth things from the Shadowfell,
While courage he may lack
The fighter's got his back
To send his summoned beasties back to Hell."


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She's a doll! Well done.


I don't know why, but she makes me think of Dot from Miss Fisher's Mysteries.

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A small crisis today, but I did manage to basecoat and line a mini. He'll get finished this weekend, alongside either Saturday or Sunday's mini.



Our dear mayor of Dreadmere. Yellow parts will be NMM gold...we'll see how that goes.



Too tired to continue tonight...haven't even cleaned up the lines.

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So yesterday I couldn't convince myself to paint. Not doing well today either...

But my light box came in and I wanted to play with it. So here's the milk maid again.


You can definitely tell she was a speed paint...but she is definitely good enough for tabletop+


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I got paint on a mini yesterday. Nothing more than a couple basecoats... but all I seemed to be capable of at the time.



More work will be done to try and catch up when my mood remembers how to behave.

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On 5/2/2019 at 1:09 AM, Paradoxical Mouse said:

Day 1 - Success! Including my first real try at NMM.






I was just thinking about my reapercon entries...and I think I'm going to spiff her up for my painter's entry. Should be easier than repainting from scratch.

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      Here is a figure I painted up as a character in what my group calls "the B team adventure" - which revolves around the supporting cast for a more standard party. She is the cook/maid. I like the townsfolk from the WIzkids set a lot better than the other humanoids I have painted from them, like the elves. They have a lot of character which makes up for the sometimes shallow detail. I'm proud of this one because she basically had no face and I painted one on with fair success I think.

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      lets try some free hand! 
      Old Nan was just a quick study.  mostly the bone triad, and then 4 different browns.
      Next up ill pint the male beggar with a 4 color pallet,  I bet it will be just as effective. 

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      Hello again.  Here's another older paintjob of mine.  This is the wyvern from the Bones 4 Core set.

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      As such, I decided to paint this guy up to fit into an arid desert landscape.  Had a lot of fun blending the sculpted base into the rest of the base.  Also was really proud of the coloration I settled on for the Wyvern.

      I painted each scale individually, which was time consuming but worth it.  I also tried some different glazing and layering techniques to add veining into the wings.  Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of this one.  Wish I had snagged up Blacksting during the Kickstarter as well though.  Will have to get my hands on that one eventually.
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