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12 hours ago, Rigel said:

Exquisite work on the face and hair! Great stuff. 

Thanks Rigel! I think I got the face pretty nicely, and she's small but she has a round, expressive face with plenty of room to paint!

8 hours ago, Warlady said:

She looks great, and your colors are wonderful!

Thanks Warlady, I was kind of worried about the glove colors, but whatever color I would have made them I'm sure I would have doubted my choice afterwards.

2 hours ago, Lostraven said:

Lovely work on the face. It really draws you in and defines the character.

Thank you very much Lostraven, I'm just glad she didn't come out cross-eyed!

1 hour ago, Rob Dean said:

And knowing how big those figures are (or, not big, to be more accurate), that’s doubly amazing.

Yeah, back in the day when 25mm really meant something....

1 hour ago, Iridil said:

Beautiful skin tones and face - really brought life to this lovely old mini!

Thank you Iridil! I saw you looking at my way old stuff, townfolks and Borin Backslap!


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51 minutes ago, Fencig said:

as someone else mentioned, that much detail at this size always floors me.  Her Wood framed wicker Quiver really got my attention (as well as the face). Really, really nice

The wicker was already sculpted in to the quiver, so I just had to make sure to try to pull the detail out of it instead of just lather it with one coat, because I didn't want to obscure the detail. It's amazing that sculpts of these age are so detailed!

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1 hour ago, Redd Knekk said:

Beautiful as always....

Thank you as always, Mr. Knekk!


1 hour ago, Spooktalker said:

Wonderful paintjob on a great figure! I have this one WIP myself, and have named her and given her a place in my D&D campaign as an NPC, which I don't do that often as I'm painting.

Thank you, can’t wait to see your version of it!  Love your web site!

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    • By Krassling
      Back on my PC I can upload the final shot of the mounted knight Lucardus von Kemet. Because he is a famous character in the world of The Dark Eye, I put a sign on his base to give his name clearly to everyone. As a leader of the Undead and user of dark powers I gave him a look similiar to his underlings. He is a desperate man who wields war in the name of his demonic mistress. Painting process is in the wip forum.

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      A few years ago (hmmm…2015), Iron Wind Metals did a Kickstarter for a Chaos Wars revival. The first two armies featured were orcs and elves. I got most of my compact orcish army painted a while back, but was looking at a new set of rules last week (Fantastic Battles).  I needed at least one more leader stand to use my Chaos Wars orcs, and I knew that I had a few orc leaders from that Kickstarter I hadn’t finished.  Happily, I was even able to find them among my boxes of primed figures on sticks.


    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaper Acolytes!
      So painted this one as a gift for a friend, now that she's got it, can finally show it off:

      A Thumper Standard Bearer,  I think sculpted by Richard Kerr.  
      It was so hard not go go all crazy Easter Bunny on this one, so added a few Easter eggs, quite literally.  Hopefully his banner is legible!
      After listening quite often and watching Anne Forester's Twitch channel, one great tip she gave was to start with your free hand using a white base instead of black.  I did so this time, so hopefully the banner text and the belt are a bit brighter than they otherwise would have been had I used a black base color.  
      Anyhoos, enjoy and a premature Happy Easter to all!
    • By 72moonglum
      Good afternoon my Reapergogglians!
      So just finished up Ann Penchyk, a Shadowrun character apparently (don't know too much about Shadowrun still, after months and months of painting different Shadowrun figures.
      I really dig this little blister pack, where we have Ann dressed in her corporate 9-5 job, and then the another version of her, the "adventurer" version of her.  So with that in mind, I at least tried to keep her skin tones, hair color, et cetera the same so it looks like she just might be the same gal in different attire.
      9-5 Ann:

      and how she spends her time Shadowrunning on the weekend:

      and here they are together, side by side:

      This is the first Shadowrun orc I've painted and from what I could tell with all the other artwork I've found on line, Shadowrun orcs can be any normal person's skin color, so even though I thought it was a bit strange, I painted her starting out with Tanned Highlights and worked up and down from there instead of doing some type of green base.
      So ta-ta for now, hope you enjoy!
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reaperhemians!
      So my last four minis were a blister pack of Ral Partha Shadowrun Tribals, sculpted by Dennis Mize, with a date stamped on the bottom of 1992, so 19 years ago.(EDIT -apparently I can’t do math. I was thinking a moment ago, wait, my kid is twenty eight years old and he was born in 1992, so the miniature is actually 28 or so years old!)  I really enjoyed working on these figures.  The first thing was the Native American skin, for which I used the Redstone Triad to get figured out.  I hope it doesn't look too red.   The other thing was all the beads they have on their clothing, for which I gave up and decided to go with the same colors for each bead set, even though I though of doing different colors in the same string of beads but kind of gave that thought up because I didn't want it to take forever.  The other thing I kind of tried was to use a red, white and blue color theme for the accents, with their natural leathers and I threw in a bit of green and yellow.

      So anyways, hope you all enjoy!
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