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Miniature Zero: Where I started (Catalyst Game Labs Dervish)

Xiwo Xerase

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We all started somewhere.  This is the first miniature I ever painted.  (I think this was in May 2016.)  This is a plastic Dervish for BattleTech from the then-current introductory box set.



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


This was painted using Privateer P3 paints (it's what my friend had at the time) based roughly on the mountain camouflage seen on this miniature on Camo Specs Online.  I believe the colors are Rucksack Tan for the base, Bootstrap Leather for the camo stripes, and Arcane Blue for the cockpit.  The basing is a simple flock and I remember having problems with it.  (In fact, I still have problems with flock, which is why I try to avoid it.)  I don't remember much else.  It's been about three years (and still less than a hundred minis) since then.


I'd say I've improved since then.  (Or at least I hope I have!)

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