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Holk's Bombshell Miniatures Diorama (ReaperCon 2019)

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Hey, all! This year, I'm taking part in as many parts of ReaperCon's MSPOpen that I can while still narrowly holding on to my sanity. The first of these is a small diorama, (my first ever,) for Bombshell Miniatures.


Since this is my first, I've decided to go with a relatively simple story: While venturing along an escarpment, a heavy-armored priestess is waylaid by a spinning, blade wielding half-orc. I began by cutting some foam to build up the earth behind the cliff face, and then used some plaster molds to cast the face and the large rock buried in the ground. Next, I covered everything with Vallejo's White Pumice and Wet Ground pastes, and then added additional stones. Once this was dry, I primed the whole thing in white.


Once the primer was dry, I used a mix of Reaper acrylics and GW washes to paint the base. I didn't go overboard on the dirt, since most of it will be covered by grass and other detritus. For the stone, I made sure to use a healthy mix of greys, greens, oranges, browns, purples. I then lightly dry brushed the stone in sandy tan and again in tan closer to white. Once the paint was dry, I sealed the base in anticipation of the next phase.






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I started by pinning and zenithally priming both characters. I decided to go with a Blue/Orange theme for the Priestess, anticipating a Green/Pink theme for the Half-Orc. I also saw a bit of NMM possibilities for both, so I decided that this would be what I would use to tie both characters together. I went with a bit of blue-green steel, using my favorite dark color: Reaper's Coal Black.


I blocked out most of the colors, and then started with the metal. My major lesson here was that chainmail in NMM is a bit fiddly, lol. I worked at it until I got it to a place I was happy with, knowing that I can go back and adjust things a bit later.


Next, I moved on to the blue dress, working my way around and highlighting. I will go back with some glazes to smooth the blends a bit more. After this, I did the eyes, and put the shadow color down on the face. This is where I left things for the night!




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I started working on the face and then on the belt items. I decided to do the charm as Ivory, and I'll give it a NMM gold trim in the end. For the bag, I went for a faint sackcloth hatching. It's kind of hard to make out in the photo, so I may emphasize it more in the future. I love that there's a ham hock on her belt! I wanted to finish her tonight, but I started to lose focus. Rather than force it, I decided to stop for the day and pick her back up this week!


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