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How much does a cav cost the ucor to produce?


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I know it was stated somewhere that if you multiply the point cost on the datacard by (IIRC) 100,000 T-red's that this is the Market cost of the unit in question.


My question is this, how much of that cost is profit?  


I am looking at working on an up and coming Corp/UCOR and was curious as to how the number equated out.  


Any help would be great!!

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That may be a little too complex of a question there Jer.  You'd have to factor in things like R&D (both the length of time due to salaries and the costs of testing equipment and prototypes), then the costs of building the machinery to build the CAV and/or the costs of any off-the-shelf equipment that you may use.  Then add in the costs of paying the people who build the CAVs.


Of course profits from a production line are a long-term deal, not something that you make money off of right away.  Anyone who's worked for a large production company will tell you that you're going to take a loss on production lines over the first year or so while you recoup the costs of things like starting up a production line and R&D costs.


So the price could vary so much from something that is a minor reversion from the origanal (like going from the Starhawk III to the IV) or a totally new model, like the Dictator or Rhino.  And the electronics would play a big deal too.  Using existing TL/ECM systems not only cuts down on R&D costs but production as well, b/c you can buy that stuff at a volume discount instead of building it yourself and having to pay for the machinery to do so.

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