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First Bones 4 painted figure


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The idea for this thread was put forth by Chris Palmer over in the B4 enthusiasm thread.


The goal is to let folks post images of the first thing they painted from Bones 4 and talk about why they chose it to be first.


The first thing I painted was the waddle of penguins, to gift to a friend that can't have an army of real penguins. I don't have pictures because I wasn't thinking, but the dire penguin's claws, spines, and horns were red. The rest of him, and the others, was black and white. I thought that they needed something else and decided that the dire penguin was controlling the others, so I gave the whole pack of them glossy orange eyes.

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We sorted through the core box last night and pulled out favorites.  I am going to start with the succubus and larger demons from the Bedevilled set, and DH wants to paint one of the statues from Grave Things.  Will update when painting actually happens. 


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3 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

Wait I thought you were supposed to just buy minis and then store them away for months/years before you paint them.  Are we sure its even legal to buy new minis and paint them right away?

We're rebels. I once painted a miniature before I bought it. I did such a poor job on the painting that I didn't even want the thing. Apparently the police frown on such things, but are reluctant to do the paperwork, usually. Don't be like Fnordlover, kids. (This story is not true. It is a fabrication, shared only in the interest of education. We here at Fnord industries do not condone such activities, and have never been convicted of this, or any similar crimes.)

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