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First Bones 4 painted figure

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Thanks for starting this @Fnordlover!   My first was the Giant Bats from Darkreach.    I chose them because they were needed to help fill a gap in my monster list for Ghost Archipe

I started painting the dark elf queen...but she disappeared before I finished. What I did end up FINISHING  first is the friar from core.     A one day paint job that inspired me

I painted the Ettin first. I thought the sculpt was fun, cleaver, and had a personality.  

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This may not exactly count but the first thing I painted from the Kickstarter was the serving tray. My commander needed a valet/batman and the tray was the easiest way to convey that from the tabletop.20190517_191846.thumb.jpg.42fca7366ebf7e90c7c3fa6208aab989.jpg20190517_191858.thumb.jpg.5e3fa691864b5fe5dfb826f30e1694c1.jpg


And here I was convinced for nearly two years that I'd paint the dicemen first.


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Wow this are all cool paintjobs. Nice idea with this thread too. I have nothing to add because I also do store my minis and hide them away for many years and I just got as far as to "Reaper Dark Heaven Legends" :lol:. So: No Bones miniatures at all on my desk. But it is cool that I can see some new sculpts here.

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6 hours ago, edz16 said:


love your bone recipie here!  Mind sharing?


Sure. Prime black, quick layer of VMC English Uniform, then drybrush Buff, then Ivory. Super quick and easy. To give it some extra pop, I went over and hit some edges with an opaque highlight of ivory, and outlined the edges with black india ink.

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My first ones painted were the Ghost Pirates. Haven't been sitting still since, having done the Dragon Turtle, the Triceratops barbarian, the Thunderfoot behemoth, and the Zombie Dragon. Currently working on the first of 2 Argents!



Of course, the reason for these being first was finishing the ghost ship I started:


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very first thing I painted was ALL the goblins. Speed painted, went for speed over quality. The reason is that we were starting a brand new campaign and I wanted to start with trash, low level mobs to start off with, so I needed them and needed them ASAP. After I finished these I did the kobolds, and those were the ones we ended up fighting.


I am focusing on painting all of my figures as per their 2e descriptions and illustrations. So they got cute little red accents here! 

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My first miniature of bonea 4, was the wraith king, i painted him, because me and my friends were going to play a mission of rangers of shadow deep amd we needed a shadow warrior,  i also wanted yo paint him with metalic colors, so itl speed up the painting process, but i dont know why, im bad painting with with metalics, so i failed as you can see, and ended painting him and all the wraiths with nmm, they took me like 5-6 hours, i think is still pretty fast, but i have so much miniatures from bones 4, infinity, etc. :down:


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On 5/8/2019 at 5:55 PM, Fire_Eyes said:

My first completed Bones 4 mini:



I ended up painting this one (and the larger slime, which just needs a touch more detailing) on a whim, and after I got the idea to use the iridescent paints they went really quickly.

Please, tell me more about these "iridescent paints"

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1 hour ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

Please, tell me more about these "iridescent paints"

Sure! I use two different kinds: Greenstuffworld's colourshift paints and Golden's interference paints. The Golden paints are more intense on the shine brushed on, and Greenstuffworld's paints are thinner but get more of a color shift. I think I mainly used the GSW paints for the slime

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