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First Bones 4 painted figure


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6 hours ago, Abeille said:

New to painting so don't have lots of techniques down yet... Just painted this guy for a friend (sorry my phone's camera is not really good)




Wow, that's great for someone new to painting!  


Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your first post! ::):

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Well - it wouldn't have been the first mini I would have chosen to paint from Bones 4, however I needed a Hangman Tree STAT for my Carrion Crown campaign, so here's my take on the Tree of Despair:




Vultures and Victim are currently detachable, although we'll see how long that lasts during play.


Now I just need five more . . .

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After seeing how the monk looked in this thread I was unable to stop myself, so the first Bones 4 model that I fully painted was the monk. The herbalist was the one that I started first, but it took way more time to finish.



Monk: finished in one sitting around the time te first monk appeared in this thread.


Herbalist: Took months to finish due to procrastination and minor conversion work. Started days before the monk, finished about a month after.

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