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Paint and play and take

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A while ago I ran a paint and take at my FLGS.  I meant to do more of them but real life issues got in the way.  With those somewhat under control, I've been thinking that I can fit it in.


I've been playing a bit of Rangers of Shadowdeep and came up with the idea of the "Paint and Play and Take".   In short a paint and take where each person paints a ranger and then we learn and play Rangers with my companions, bad guys and terrain.


Here is the layout the FLGS will be using to advertise this event.   It will be in the bottom of the display case for a few weeks.




Believe it or not, that's  the least fuzzy that I managed but you might make out

  1. Zombies coming out of of the buildings on the left
  2. Orcs (led by wargs) marching down the road.
  3. Spiders climbing out of the forest.
  4. Rats swarming out of the building on the right
  5. Unpainted ranger figure and companions preparing for a last stand around the statue.






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 People put some paint on minis.  The d20 wreaked it's usual havoc (it seems to have a special hatred for any animal companions) but all the rangers survived and they explored all the clues in time.  


Yeah, I'd call it a success.


For next time, I'm debating whether to do something similar or to maybe do something with terrain/basing.  I like the second idea but normally it involves way too much drying time.  

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