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Steampunk-ish lab (Diorama with Bones)


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Wow this looks very coooool ::D: Great diorama and also the painting looks quite good. I like the bubbles in the tank and don`t worry, this happens very often. I´m not experianced in doing water bases, but I see this problem very often at other painters work. It might help to stir the both components of this resin water very slowly and carefully.

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Great metallics, great woods, great... yeah, everything.    


About resin...

The problem was probably that you stirred the resin to vigorously. That will trap air in it.   

There's two solutions to this;

Either learn how the experts mix the resin, or get a vacuum pump to suck the air out. 

(I've gone the way of the pump. Haven't tried it yet, though)   


Thinking out loud...

The only thing that could have made this diorama better would have been to have the bubbles constrained to specific areas, such as from around the nereid's head.   

In theory, if you pour new resing on top of or around already cast resin of the same type, it should create an invisible seam between the two portions.   

So first casting a narrow tube of resin WITH bubbles, then placing a nereid or other creature, or possibly a sack containing Houdini, in the larger mold, pouring in resin without bubbles, and placing the already prepped bubbly rod above the object, and locking it place with clamps until the rein sets... 



Stops thinking out loud...



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