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BSP Episode 5 is up!

Savage Coyote

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Episode 5 is live! We talk about terrain and board size, using indirect fire, and the Warmaster Tournament at CAVCon! Check it out!
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1 hour ago, Savage Coyote said:

...the Warmaster Tournament...




Warmaster is an unusual game choice to combine with a CAV event. But I’ll bite:  What point size armies?

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Haha!  The name of the event in-universe was called Warmaster.  I just report 'em as I get 'em!


The point limit is 2500 with 500 in bonus TV for upgrades.  You can only take two of any one unit, and only one unit in your force can be Bulky.  You need at least four units and have a max of six.  It's a super specialist squad so you can have CAV's, tanks, and fliers in the same list!  A list might look like the one I talked about using in the Pod Caste:


Starhawk VI (Veteran, Lieutenant)

Falcon (NCO)

Nightshade (Turbo)

Talon (Turbo)

Tsusikie II (Amped MRAC)

Tsusikie II (Amped MRAC)

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