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Help request for making putty seamless

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7 hours ago, GHarris said:

For what it is worth I tried Procreate a couple of times over the years because people seemed to really like it. I always went back to green stuff or green stuff/ Apoxy Sculpt mixes because I found that I was fighting with smoothing out seams in Procreate a lot more than I was with green stuff. YMMV of course, but that was my experience.


I actually do prefer the Procreate to GS, but it's not without downsides, like everything has. I've never tried Apoxie Sculpt, I've only had the Magic Sculpt simply because it was easy and cheaper to order on ebay in a quantity that was usable without seeing the hardener separate (supposedly the manufacturer fixed that now). I may try the Apoxie once this bit I have runs out. The natural/grey color MS was always good, but I made the mistake of ordering the white color this past time and whatever they color the resin with leaves a white residue all over your hands.


I have found the Procreate sands/files better than the GS, but that may be the ratio I use. Since I also mix it with the MS, it files wonderfully, so I may  try to just file off those annoying seam lines if I can't sculpt them out.


7 hours ago, GHarris said:

Tackiness like your tool slightly sticks to the work surface, not tackiness while wearing black socks and sandals while you sculpt... 


Umm... guilty as charged (white socks though)... though I am a big Weird Al Yankovic fan (see song "Tacky" if you are unaware of the reference). Sandals are a recipe for dirty feet though necessary at times for ventilation, thus socks prevent the buildup of dirt on my feet. And no, I cannot be convinced otherwise.


Thanks again for all of the help, lovely people! All is appreciated.

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