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50209 - Alice and White Rabbit

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Nice work!


Alice has, um, grown up a bit since I last saw her (especially with the collar and corset), and that rabbit looks positively evil!

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    • By GrandPrince
      So after painting a bunch of fantasy adventurers, I decided I needed a bit of a change of pace.  Enter my finds of some IMEF infantrymen and a mech from something I'm not familiar with (all Reaper minis).. and combine that with my extensive experience with military model kits.  What you get is this project to paint the IMEF guys in colors inspired by the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces; one is finished and the others are in progress.
      The mech is being painted up in camo inspired by Japanese army tank camo colors to make it kind of a matching set.  In the last pic you can also see my Victorian adventuress from the Raj, if you want to call it that.

    • By kristof65
      So over in another of my threads talking about vehicles, we were talking about doing an A-Team, so when I ran across this Star Wars Chewbacca Monster Truck, I knew I had found my futuristic version of B.A.'s van:

      So my A-Team is going to consist of:
      Hannibal - 50147: General Drake
      Face - 50010: Daniel Sterling, Secret Agent of GUARD
      Murdoch - 50123: Space Hero
      BA - 50002: Boris Barayev, Five Suns Smuggler 

      General Drake and Daniel Sterling I think will be fine straight up for Hannibal and Face, but I need to do some conversion work on the other two minis for Murdoch and BA. And that's the reason I'm posting this as a WiP is because I'm going to need some help from the likes of @TaleSpinner and you other conversion pros. 


      For Murdock, I want to add a ball cap.  I have a couple of different ideas on how to do this, but I'm wondering what the best way would be. 

      B.A. Baracus:

      For B.A., I'm going to do a weapon swap to give him bigger guns, add Mr T's iconic haircut, and hopefully add some sort of gold chains.    The weapon swaps and hair should be pretty straight up, but I'm not sure how to do the gold chains. 
    • By Skrill
      To change from fantasy, I wanted to do a quick paint of a Chronoscope mini in Bones. According to the store, it is "Frank Buck, Adventurer".
      I like the sculpt and its likeness to a very famous archaeologist / adventurer in the movies.
      My goal was a quick & simple paint job and nothing fancy for the base.
      The problem was that the mini was badly bent at the ankles making it lean forward a lot and no boiling/cooling was able to fix it.
      So, I still had to re-base it, and got a bit carried away in the re-basing process which yield to this mini vignette: "Heading into the Jungle"

      The tree and base texture was made with Scupley and lichen.
      The car is a Tamiya model kit of a Russian field car.
    • By Maledrakh
      “Off to off the wizard”
      The figures are from Reaper Bones KS3, “Chronoscope Wild West Oz”.  Since they all were armed, I see this as a sort of hit squad, hence the title.
      I based them on 30mm round display bases from Reaper, and I 3d Printed a 20mm round in a similar style for Toto.
      Since not only the Tin Man, but also the flying monkey are obvious metal robots, I think “Weird West Oz” or even “Steampunk Oz” would be a more fitting moniker.
      The miniatures are made in the slightly harder Bonesium, henceforth to be known as Better Bones™. Since the third Bones kickstarter, all Chronoscope Bones are coloured grey,
      The Flying Monkey, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow are sculpted by Bob Ridolfi, with Dorothy and Toto by Julie Guthrie. Only the Scarecrow seems to be released in Bones as of yet.
    • By Kev!
          Is that you  Cyboman?

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