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28mm Hard Plastic Fauns

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Quite a long time ago, this project was on KS for the first time. The creator had a lot to learn about material, options on sprues, poses etc ... so the first KS lost momentum. He sure took his time and now he's back and it looks to me (at first glance) that he definitely did his homework. It might me a niche "army", but I'm definitely interested in a pack of those fauns.

If some of the stretch goals get unlocked, there is some awesome stuff coming.

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Hmm. If this was in individual faun miniatures I may be more interested than in the build-an-army form. I'd rather like one male, one female, one minotaur, one centaur type thing. I have no need for dozens. 

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Well, the basic box comes with enough to build 20. I'm also not after an army, but with all the options, I guess I can use a group of 10-20.


and: lowest pledge level: This reward is an easy way to pledge an amount that can be applied to the end of the kickstarter, without being confined to the warband, war party, and army in a box pledges. We understand you would like to customize your pledge if allowed, so along with this option, we will be offering an online store after the kickstarter to grab items that are due to be unlocked. Backers will be contacted by email to finalize.


I don't know if that includes to option to get only one sprue (that's three models) ... maybe you could ask the creator?



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I backed their first project which failed to fund. This relaunch has a higher funding goal and lower cost per model (the first was $25 for 10 fauns, this is $30 for 20 with a pewter minotaur). The time since the first project was well spent, the page looks a lot better this time around. For anyone interested, the first project had a great updates section, with tons of concept art and early renders. It's a good look behind the curtain for what goes into a project like this. Here's a link to check them out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rgdgaming/plastic-injection-mold-for-32mm-fantasy-faun-minia/updates


Hopefully it will fund and hit some stretch goals, the females were a lovely design and the centaur options look good as well. I'm am not sure how you get 20 fauns from sprues of three though...

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If you check out the concept art and renders their legs look like they are covered by leaves more than fur. It definitely looks rocky the way they painted them.


They just did a nice rework of the main page. They show contents of pledges, and mention that the box of 20 includes male and female figures. The reason only males are shown is that's the only sprue they've produced so far.

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On 5/10/2019 at 8:11 PM, Cyradis said:

Hmm. If this was in individual faun miniatures I may be more interested than in the build-an-army form. I'd rather like one male, one female, one minotaur, one centaur type thing. I have no need for dozens. 


I asked if they could offer single sprues as add-ons (which means: 3 fauns), the answer is


" It wouldn't be too difficult to me. We can even offer the first sprue we made. "

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I hate to have to ask this question, but...

Tim Barry was the sculptor for Tony Reidy at Wargames Factory and Defiance Games.  I like his work, but is there any info out there on how he's distanced himself from those fiascoes?  This is the first time that I've seen his name come up since then.  And since there is a singer also named Tim Barry, it's hard to find any info that doesn't tie this Tim back to Tony.   

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Tim Barry had invested money with Defiance, along with some of his friends. Tony ran off, and left Tim and the others dry when the Defiance project went under. There is no association there. I hired Tim because he is one of the few sculptors in the US with competency in mold design, and line of draft. Pretty cool guy.  Molder just happens to have some experience working under Wargames Factory, hence the similarities. All legit. I wouldn't have bothered otherwise. 


I felt that the second round needed at least one mold to show the quality could be done. 


Learned that most of the major houses (always exceptions) have been using freeform software in coordination with CNC, and aluminum tooling. Wyrd made a big deal about it in 2012 in the industry press releases.

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I have a Forces of Nature army that has never made it past the Points stage, ditto for Herd.


Grump can use these for when he runs Kingmaker again, so they would be played with in both KOW and Pathfinder.


I see no downside for diving in. ::D:


Backerkit for a pledge manager? Make it easy for meeps to add after the KS is done?

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