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GW Mordheim Wardog as an Akita by Glitterwolf


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16 minutes ago, 72moonglum said:

Very nice! I really like the fur pattern!




I tried to paint it like an Akita, he is build more robust, but I figure being a Medieval dog he might be ancestor of those.


5 minutes ago, Sanael said:

Looks great! Nice fur on this capable animal companion.


Glad to see a doggo, too... What with all the cats in boxes over in the Bones IV thread, M.E.O.W. has had too much foothold on these forums lately!


Thank you!

WOOF will recruit more members soon...

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5 hours ago, vhaidra said:

Ah I see freehand attempts ::D: Not bad. I like the fur pattern also very much and the dress of the lady also turned out nice. Such extras like the dots on her skirt really makes a difference. But again: Black base would be cool.


Thank you!

I base them all in Vallejo Earth because together they form an army.

The girl also has her own Show Off.




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