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Bones Mouslings (quite an assortment)

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So, I am taking on a quite ambitious project, I need these 30 mouslings ready for my son's 4th grade class by Friday??? (maybe following Monday, which would be nice haha) so he can give them out when they celebrate his birthday. So, here's the mini's (I am short two, but it should work out since there are 30 in his class and that's what Miniature Market sent. I ordered 32):


Here they are unpacked, after a good washing:


Mr. Bones is there because he will be my test case once they are all painted, he will be the one getting a matte varnish through my airbrush to see if I have everything correct, then I will know I am safe to coat all the rest:) More pics to come once I mount these tonight and get a primer coat on them tomorrow so I can see details.

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Well slowly but surely making progress. If I can get them all be done more or less by Friday night, I should get them all matte coating Saturday (I got the weekend to finish, so I lucked out).  I have added Sir Forscale in, as I do not have a proper one for comparison (not that he'll be proper anyhow). Forscale and Bones will be my test beds for my matte varnish tests through the airbrush. Overall, I think I should just give up painting, I feel like I suck (maybe because I don't paint enough??? because of life stuff in general), I am getting old and have to use my lighted magnifier all the time (especially with these mouslings) and I am just really depressed lately:( Maybe if I can push through and get these ready for the kiddos, maybe it will reinvigorate me to paint more and stay in the game?? 


Anyways, whine over, here's where we are so far, first Mr. Bones and Sir Forscale:



I must say I am caught happy with the color of his cloak. If I had more time, I would have liked to use a seppuku stamp and made a nice base. Oh well, I have four more of this mini, I can always do one later.



Not happy with how the shield came out (apparently yellow is tough to lay down), but like how everything else is working, especially being the green knight:) Again, I can always get another Sir Forscale, they are pretty reasonable.

And now (some) of the mouslings:



Damn these mice are tiny, even with the magnifier, but I made a promise so...I really need to make a real limited pallette on the rest of them, or else I will be doing this forever:(  Gonna do all the rest in brown fur and just 2 or 3 colors at the most and then the usual wash/drybrush and call them done. Like the samurai and ninjas in back for example, just gonna go black with the ninjas pretty much and maybe a purple on the samurai. Hopefully it will all work itself out and the kiddos like them.


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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2 hours ago, Corsair said:

A question for you, since you have all those mouslings together, which one has the smallest head? Needingone for a Ysoki in Starfinder. Thanks!

Their heads are all pretty much the same size, but I would say either the king, beekeeper or the yeoman.

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Well, it is all done. I got them done early monday, and still had to hold 9 back because they didn't get matt Varnish coats (and the kiddos were willing to wait an additional day to get them coated! Well, the 9, the other 21 had coats and were good). I was having a REALLY bad day AND I MEAN BAD! And I almost didn't finish those nine, but I pushed through and got them done. I am so happy I did, my son's whole class LOVED the mouslings, almost all the kids thanked me and appreciated the handcrafted gifts and could not believe how detailed they were (hehe, they are 4th graders, honestly I could have done better, but it really picked up my spirits!). Even the teacher was impressed by the detail. So here are some group shots of the 21 and 9 that are currently sitting in my spray booth drying from matt coating. I will post close ups of all of them (and seperate posts of Mr. Bones and Sir Forscale) in show off later this week.


By the way, would these even be considered tabletop ready???


The 21:


The 9:


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They look good.

And don't worry too much about the need for additional magnification.  It's something we all deal with as we get older.

I've found that the greatest help is to have a good light in the right temperature range, 5000 deg. Kelvin is recommended and works well for me.  I have a very old gooseneck lamp with a 60 watt equvalent LED lamp that provides a good strong light for my work area without glare and it can be moved around if necessary to focus the light on specific areas.  Also, being LED it doesn't generate a lot of heat right where I'm trying to work.


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They sure are tabletop ready!

Well done!


As for magnifiers, I use a headband with the option of two lenses at the same time, comes with four lenses.

And of course a daylight bulb lamp when I can't paint in real daylight.


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Yeah... I was used to have a perfect eyesight and now I'm starting loosing on my right eye (I'm 45)... sooo I need glasses while painting minis  and I decided that I'll need a magnifier too, so I've bought a clip-on 2x lens on Amazon, to attach to my glasses; still waiting for it to arrive... 
I also use a daylight led bulb: is a must.

And, Ratmaster, you are doing a great job on this mini-minis!

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