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Bones 4 parts question, help needed

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Hi !

I need a little help for Bones 4 : I couldn't figure out where thess parts (Core set) should be glued :




Thanks for helping !


Edit : i found for the cauldron (Baba Yagga's) but the fur part remains unidentified.

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The fur is her cloak. There is a slot in her back. 

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    • By animesensei
      I needed a large Roc for my upcoming D&D game, so I painted the new Bones 4 Roc in a traditional scheme.  Nothing really fancy; just a large bird that wants to pick you up and take you back to its nest to feed you alive to its young.

    • By Lostraven
      Here is the Wyvern from the Bones 4 Core set. I really like the built-in scenic base - another nice sculpt from the set.

    • By Lostraven
      This is the Rat Ogre from the Bones 4 Core set (#12). It is a beautiful sculpt and casting.

      The base is a piece of cork sheet gouged out with the muck made from the bits. The bubbles are drops of super glue. The water is just painted and given a gloss coat.
    • By Chris Palmer
      While I love the Mossbeard Treeman figure from the Bones 4 Kickstarter, it always bothered me a little that his arms, as sculpted, grew from narrower at the shoulder to thicker at the wrist.  This just looked unnatural to me since both branches and arms tend to grow from thicker at the shoulders to thinner near the ends.

      So this week I began working n revering his arms, so they would connect to his body in a more natural, to my eye, arrangement.
      I began by slicing off the existing  external connector pegs.  This was made easier by soaking them in boiling water for 30-40 seconds (As Ed Pugh suggested to do with the Chicken Hut legs on a recent Reaper Live), after which it was a breeze to slice right through them.

      Test fitting.

      I then glued the pegs I had cut off back into the holes they were intended to go into to full those holes.  After the glue was set, I drilled some holes in the shoulder connections to peg them with sections of doweling.  After that, I glued the hands to the new wrist joints.  
      My next step is to blend the hands to the wrists  with some greenstuff, and then I'll glue the arms in place.

    • By peepster1976
      WiP on this too cute baby dragon from bones 4. One of the reasons for my to back. The kids each pick one, and choose their own coulor. The dragon fly is magnetized, and i'm gonna put more magnetes on some other dragons so the dragon fly can hope from 1 to an other baby dragon.
      ... keep u posted.
      grtzzz Peepster

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