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How do you paint the transparent pieces

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I'd add to paint only *one* side of the miniature, typically the front. Otherwise, if the miniature is translucent enough, any paint showing from the back will make it more difficult to see the front.


Here's Tamiya Clear, followed by a controlled wash of Army Painter Green Ink. 


Unfortunately, from a distance, it's more difficult to see the details. Maybe then start highlighting and detailing in regular paints, but you'll also want to paint a transition from ethereal to solid. :mellow:



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On 5/12/2019 at 6:12 AM, sentinel said:

I painted a couple where I wanted to keep some of the transparency, and just used a matte varnish as my "primer."  That way, I could paint where I wanted, and keep some see through stuff.  I am guessing that if you want to cover all of it, that your usual primer would work.  I am sure others will chime in with different ideas!

Thanks for the tip on using matte varnish as a 'primer' on clear minis. I broke out the Reaper and Wizkids minis I had in clear, purple, black, green and primed and started using inks and washes. All the inks and washes I added a bit 10% water for flow, and they all turned out ok to great. Reaper yellow clear, Reaper Washes, GW Washes, Secret Weapon Washes and Army Painter Inks all had fun great effects. It was fun to test and play around with them... and they held well on that base/primer of AV matte varnish. Thanks again.

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