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Bones Invisible Adventurers

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9 minutes ago, KruleBear said:

Cool. I like that you “painted” them with the tints rather than just adding contrast to the basic clear plastic color. It gives the impression of the character transitioning to invisible. 


Makes them easier to see on camera as well (for when somebody is attending a game in hangouts).


Thank you.

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8 hours ago, vhaidra said:

This translucent sculpts are pretty cool and you did a good job here. By the way good photos and light settings for the photos. Very intresting. I guess my favorite is the first one, the purple one.


Thank you.


For lighting, I used a light behind and about 20cm/8in behind the figure, a light to camera right, maybe 8cm/3in away and a bit in front (to show the opaques - this one is just out of frame of the photo), and a piece of black craft foam just below the rear light for the background. With a carefully chosen camera angle and a long-ish lens to reduce the field of view, the lights were all out of sight in the final photos.

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