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Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

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Here is the next figure on the list.

Callie.  I think it’s funny that episode 1 was Cassie, and right next to her is a figure with almost the same name.




She had had a weird straight warp to the lower part of her bow.  I boiled that out.  It has stayed in the corrected position for a month now.



This is after Brown Liner.  It looks like an arrow coming out of the quiver, but strange it has no fletching....From the front, maybe a finger?

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Her facial features are coarse, so I’m going for a half orc or orc.  This is Troll Hide.




Thinking she’s assassin type, so going for a dark cloak.  This is 1:1 Carbon Grey:Rainy Gray.  This will allow me to highlight up and shade down, then glaze with pure Carbon Grey or black to darken it up while it smoothes things over.

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Highland Moss




Orc Skin




Mixed Breast Cancer Awareness Pink into the Orc Skin




A little more BCA Pink.



Added some freckles with HD Bright Turquoise.




Glazed 3 light coats of 1:1 Highland Moss:Orc Skin.  Calling the face done.  Prominent shadow, a little warmth, interest from freckles, and most important: no need for eyes!

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23 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

It looks like an arrow coming out of the quiver, but strange it has no fletching....From the front, maybe a finger?

The metal version clearly has fletching on that arrow.  I think this is a casualty of being an early Bones sculpt.


She's looking good so far!

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Thanks for the compliment and that link, Xiwo.  That was very helpful.



Added basecoats to get a feel for her layers.  Keeping a lot of the colors the same, and drab, like a good Rogue/Ranger/Assassin.  Green liner followed by Peacock Green on the tunic/skirt and arrow fletching.  Tanned Leather on the leg guards.  Uniform Brown on the arrow shafts, bow staves, scabbard, and belt/straps.  The same Carbon Grey/Misty Grey mix on her gloves and boots.  Finally, Russett Brown on the pants, sword handle, bow handle, and quiver.


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Sketched out a little freehand embellishment for the cloak, to nudge her toward Ranger.  I’m not planning anything more intricate than this, and wanted to lay the foundation early, but won’t do anything else with this until the cloak is finished.


Its supposed to be vine, leaf, thorn.

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Funny, I went the same half-orc route due to the soft facial detail.  I really enjoyed the first go round with Cassie and am excited for round two.  Thanks for all the pictures.  Getting an in depth look into someone else's process has been fun.

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Thanks everyone.

Next is a highlight with an MSP Sample Paint.  It seems to be a neutral pale green.  Not too blue, not too Olive.




I may decide to give this a glaze with a GW wash, but first I think I’ll try a thinned all over application of Grass Green mid tone.

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Here I have glazed over all the green with a very dilute mix of Glaze Medium, Matte Additive, and mainly water with a little Grass Green.  This was about 3 applications.6B2978E3-C381-45CA-860E-5DDB2B546B94.thumb.jpeg.d57c72725750f285a6ee23f65048911b.jpeg


I like how it stays bright but toned down the glaring nature and chalkiness of the prior post.

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Started shadowing the cloak.  Dilute Carbon Grey.



This didn’t seem dark enough, so I made it 1:1 Carbon Grey:Solid Black.





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Haven’t had much time for her.

This is a dilute highlight with 4:1 Rainy Gray:Carbon Grey.




Next I plan to add a small bit of pure Rainy Grey, and some with Grass Green mixed in near the areas with green.  That will wait until tomorrow.

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