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Darcstaar vs. BONES 1. Ep 2 Callie

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I made a small wash of Rainy Grey:Grass Green 1:1 and thinned it.  I painted it on the cloak anywhere close to the shirt.


Then I applied three dilute glazes of Nuln Oil.  Good enough.  Can’t really decide if it reads as black or dark gray.

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Thanks!  Black is tough.  I see many peoples’ examples of it that I like, but have not figured out a technique yet that I love for painting rich blacks.




Added the freehand to the cloak.

It is a vine with leaves and thorns.  The leaves are too small, but “good enough” to move on. I used the same colors as are found in the tunic.

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I put some Russet Brown into the seams on the leg armor.  Then I mixed Tanned Leather with a little Linen White for the first highlight.




Then added a little more Linen White.  I also thinned it a little more to allow it to smooth things a little better.




The greaves are done.  I re established the circles around the rivets with Brown Liner.  I then added gouges with Brown Liner.


Then I put a dot of HD Concrete Grey for the rivets.  Then I added a glint of Pure White to each rivet.


Finally, I put lines of Linen White to complete the gouges.  Some of the rivets don’t exist in the cast, so they were essentially freehanded in.

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Basically done.  Added some moss as shrubs.  I wanted her to look like she was sniping!  I have a hard time painting the Moss, since it is springy.  So I tried hitting it with this superglue.  It discolored the Moss black!  So once it was cured I painted some Grass Green, the pale green MSP Sample, and Moth Green.


Dullcote, Pictures/Show Off will wait for a “Batch.”


Thanks for the encouragement along the way.

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