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New Reaper Gazebo + 2562 Gossamer Air Sorceress

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3 hours ago, Kormydigar said:

A gazebo!   I waste it with my crossbow!   :lol:



I really wanted to make it a WHITE gazebo, in keeping with the original legend, but I just couldn't wrap my head around doing that and maintaining the "overgrown-knotwork" look of the thing.  (Okay, so maybe it would have looked nice painted white with icy blue shadows, and even fit better with the spellcaster I put in the center, but it would be tricky to do the blue shading subtle enough that it would still read visually as WHITE, and not either "very light blue" or "white and blue.")


(Reference link to story of "Eric and the Dread Gazebo," for convenience: https://web.archive.org/web/20080804140516/http://www.dreadgazebo.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8 )


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Added "Eric and the Dread Gazebo" Story Link for Context
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Okay, going back to the Kickstarter image, I'm wondering if something is up with the gazebo size-wise.


Here's a side-by-side of the Gazebo and the Orrery:



Now, for comparison, here's how that match-up looked in the preview image in the Kickstarter:



In the Kickstarter preview, Sir Forscale looked about right when compared to the Orrery (though he wasn't conveniently shown right *next* to it), and it looked as if he could have fit within the gazebo.  However, once the real thing came out, even a 20mm base is too wide to fit between those columns.  Just eyeballing it, it looks as if that gazebo should be comparable to the orrery's base in terms of footprint (i.e., AT LEAST 3" wide).  That's clearly not the case in the finished product.  Also, those columns are so fragile and toothpick-like in the final model, whereas it looks like they'd be a bit more substantial in the preview picture.  I'm wondering if the manufacturer pulled a "reverse Kaladrax" on the gazebo and delivered something much smaller than the intended size?


I mean, don't get me wrong: the gazebo as-is is beautiful, and I may very well end up buying some more to use in terrain-building projects.  I can see myself putting it atop an exotic Elven watchtower or something like that, or else putting having several of them, each one housing a single statue -- with the intent that the "gazebo" is treated as *impassable* terrain, and not something that minis are going to be passing through or standing inside in the course of combat.  But as a GAZEBO -- as something on the board that some model might actually move *inside* -- it's just not practical for miniatures (even if, at 32mm scale, surely Sir Forscale *could* walk into it, if only he weren't anchored to a base).


Either that, or maybe I wasn't supposed to glue on the roof?  Or perhaps I shouldn't have glued the pillars to the base?  However, those pillars are so spindly that I'd have a hard time imagining that the result would stay together very well, with the toothpick-pillars unsupported on one side or the other.



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I have never had any problem with tacky bones, I give them a scrub with dishsoapy water and a toothbrush, and when dry, sprayprime. I have used Army Painter primer spray cans in the past, nowadays I mostly use Vallejo Black or White Surface Primer through my airbrush. Also I find it helps alot to heat the items (immerse in near-boiling water for up to a minute, or use a hairdryer)  before fitting, as they can be repositioned (or even cut) much easilyer when warm. To set in the new position, immerse in cold water.

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