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First Legion Fantasy Line

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Finally decided to just go with the Frost giant.. I want the flying dragon, but with Reapercon coming up and Pennsic just ending I had to save some cash..  plus if anything shows up later as a 75mm I'm all over that

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*prepares the wallet*

Retail Sale

We've been getting a lot of requests to back late, to change orders, to add items etc...  As we told all of you who asked, that's a big no go at this point as everything is locked and production nearly finished.   However, all sets in the KS will go to retail sale just after the stock hits our USA Warehouse.  So every figure in the KS will be available for retail purchase sometime in July we estimate.   Further, just about everything is being offered in singles as opposed to the sets we used in the KS.   So if there are items you wish you ordered but didn't or if you wanted a few figures from a Core Set but not the whole set, you will have an opportunity to pick up whatever you'd like later this summer.   


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Mine arrived today as well.  Each mini came in a plastic bag and all the parts are on a single sprue.


Casting looked pretty clean from the quick glance I took, but they are tiny.

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Just got mine. Haven't assembled anything yet, but they look to be appropriately sized and sized as advertised. Casting quality looks absolutely awesome. The Mountain Troll's shield... ohh baby, delicious.



Absolutely would back them again. Wishing I got some of those giants now.

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Got mine today as well. Casting quality looks excellent. Haven’t assembled any yet, but they seem likely to be pretty close to Reaper height wise, although the female figures look noticeably thinner for the most part. 


Looking forward to getting into these chunky orc boys. 

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