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    • By SamuraiJack
      Full disclosure, I'm good friends with the Exec Producer on this.  
      This Kickstarter is designed to fund a 5 minute live-action trailer for our cyberpunk-fantasy series.  Think Bladerunner meets the Matrix meets Lord of the Rings!
       Our intent is to build our proof of concept, demonstrate our quality and capabilities, and to recruit a following for our true goal – a full season of "Chicago Shadows." With our community (you!) at the core, we will produce a dynamic, six episode serial story for “Chicago Shadows"...and that's just season one. 
       PLAY  We will focus on one of the central characters of the series itself, a woman – street name Curie, as she struggles to survive in a cold future ruled by overbearing corporations. 
      Forced to leave her morals at the door, Curie is a freelance operative working as a ‘deniable asset’ for anyone with the cash to pay. The survival rate in her line of work is abysmal for those without an edge on the competition. Curie has an edge – magic has awakened within her, allowing her to bend the very elements to her will.
      Will it be enough?
       Follow Curie on a mission with her team of the day - an ork hacker, an elven fighter, and a human driver/pilot as they work together to complete a job. One of the tough parts of this line of work - the people you work with and come to rely on don't always make it through.
      Curie - Ice and Lightning  Making movies is pricey (who knew?). Beginning with a 5-minute, live-action trailer, we want our audience and supporters to see the quality of what we can produce before we go big and begin producing the pilot – or even the whole season! We also want to build our team of supporters, which is what this Kickstarter is about – connecting to passionate people like you, building a community that can make this series real! Our backers are critical to making this happen, and we're excited to gather people together who can generate energy around fantasy-cyberpunk excitement! The trailer we're planning will give a taste of our world, our characters, our atmosphere and of course, our skill. Once we prove ourselves, we’re all in. We hope you will be, too! We're thrilled to take this journey with you! 
       If funded, we will launch pre-production by end of August, shoot in late Fall, and complete post-production by late spring, 2020.
    • By Knight of the Dinner Table
      This might hurt my wallet:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/trudvang-legends/description


    • By SamuraiJack
      Come into the chaos....
      This is The Great Daemon Sulphureas, the first ever model made by Salt Forge Miniatures. No one truly knows where the Devourer came from... Stories ranging beyond what the writers of history know and into the legends of the first people tell tale of a beast who was once man... a beast whose very presence turns the sky red, and men's sanity into that of wild beasts. Battlefields, towns and even cities have been turned into gory mulch by the by the ever gnashing maw of the fiend, and those who have witnessed such destruction tell tales of of utter madness, of all brothers turning upon each other in pandemonium and destruction. 
       What is being offered in this project?
      Hello and welcome to my Kickstarter!  I've been working on Sulphureas for a while now, and I'm happy to finally be bring him into the world. The Kickstarter is simple- I'm releasing one model, with a limited run of only 300.  Most of the work is complete- I have put in a lot of time, effort and money to get this project to where it is and the model has been sculpted and printed out and is ready to go, so now its up to you.  We just need the materials to get this little shop up and running, and to make the kits for you!
      This is just the beginning- I plan to release many more models and your support will make all the difference.  We've got a lot more minis coming down the pipeline.
      **Important note: Shipping**  Shipping is NOT included in your pledge, and will be charged after the campaign is over.  {shipping rates will vary depending on where you live}
      The focus of Salt Forge Miniatures is to produce high detail, high quality miniatures that can work as game pieces for the tabletop or a centerpiece for your collection. The future is bright for Salt Forge and we want to make a variety of models that reach into all different aesthetics and genres. And that is what you are helping to bring to life.  I’ve been building models and playing tabletop games for most of my life, specifically 40K, Warhammer fantasy/AOS and a variety of smaller games, as well as board games and RPGs. It's always been my passion to make unique characters and models, and now I'm taking the next step and really pushing to make some truly awesome models. I’m making my models with hobbyists in mind. And I am very excited to see what you all do with these characters.
      I've been in the manufacturing field for 10+ years and I'm very familiar with production, molding, and casting.  You can be assured that models from SFM will be high quality and made with individual care. The model will be cast in high quality resin, using pressure and vacuum methods to capture the greatest detail.  
       Details: The Daemon
      Standing just shy of 250mm (10in.) tall and comes with a 190mm (7.5in.) Base.  It is compatible with 28-32mm heroic scale models. It will come as an unpainted multi-part (52 of them in fact!) resin kit that will require assembly. **Resin model kits often require some special care in their assembly.  Information will be provided with the model, as well as an assembly guide.**
       The Daemon will be a perfect stand-out piece for tabletop gamers, hobbyists and collectors. 
      32mm heroic figure for scale.
    • By Jen
    • By perfectsix
      We have Just Launched this small kickstarter project,  our first resin only Miniature and what i consider to an excellent  sculpt of a troll 42mm high, lots more info and pics here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1614906331/realm-realm-of-the-dragon-2?ref=amam9v
      we really hope you all like him
      perfect six miniatures 

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