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    • By redambrosia
      So, the tracking for my very late Summer exchange figure says that it passed through Canadian customs two days ago. I figure it will be there Soon so it should be safe-ish to post a show-off thread for it.

      Anyway, as I said, this was horribly late. I (partly) blame the base. I had built this really neat base out of sculpty. But then, right when I was nearly finished with it and untested water effects product ruined it for me and I had to restart the base Lesson learned: always test new water effects on something I don't care about.
      Traxia requested something furry or a hero. To my mind Shoatima fills both those niches. She also requested a display base. I hope the one I ended with will suffice. It's not as spiffy as the one I had in my head to begin with, but, at least my water effects didn't eat this one
      Without further fussing:

      My goal was to have everything on her be made of "natural" materials. So, everything that would normally be metal is painted to be shell (because otters like shells) and her leather is painted to be sea leather (shark skin or some such). I finally figured out that the weird little round thing on her left next to the knife is meant to be a bottle, so I painted it as a gourd. And her pouch and blanket are just fun coloured cloth.
      I really hope that Traxia enjoys her and that she was worth the wait
    • By tiniest rhombus
      Legion of Justice and Caeke
      Shoatima 01429, Frumitty 01428, Platypod 01427, Echidnox 01424,
      The Baddies
      Spikeshell 77270, Frogmen 03146
      All the figures were sculpted by the wonderful Jason Wiebe. Except teh Caeke, that was sculpted by me. Yes it's huge, we'll call it hooman sized. :-)
      Please forgive the edges of the background. I will retake pics once my photo backdrop gets here but these will do for now. The WIP can be found here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62120-tiniest-paints-caeke/

    • By tiniest rhombus
      I started these back in June of last year. Finally finished the last one today. They were so much fun to paint and too too adorable. It's a shame they're not available anymore. These will be a part of a diorama so I didn't base them. And I'm seriously considering buying a nice camera just so I can take better pics of my minis. The IPad isn't ideal for picture taking but it's the best I have right now so there you have it. Click the pic for a closer look :-)

    • By Sirithiliel
      Finally finished!


    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Y'know, the last large-base diorama I did looked like it was happening on a golf course. I really feel pleased with myself about my basing. I'm not where I WANNA be, yet, but at least I'm beyond my previous "model railroad layout golf course" skills. The Legion Of Justice and Caeke: a Christmas gift for my beloved, now secured in her living room curio cabinet.

      The standing stone was provided by Loim. All must bow before his superior stoner skills. Or is that stoning? Or just stoned? Anyway, Loim is awesome.

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