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Well, I figured that the market for cactus-folk was small enough that I shouldn't wait on it, so I decided to get to work on a Saguaro Cowboy and a Cactus Dryad. I got the inspiration to get up and get to work when I saw a picture of a crested saguaro:


which really settled the question of "how do I put dryad hair on a cactus lady and make it work?" 
Twisted up an armature for a dude and a lady, 

and started slapping green stuff on.



Here's a very rough outline of the dryad's torso with a preliminary series of grooves, almost none of which will probably make it to the finished product.

Both she and the lariat-wielding saguaro vaquero will have blunt, stubby feet and arms with little muscle or joint definition, both because that's how saguaros do and because I am...not a professional sculptor by a long chalk. 

C&C welcome; this is the rough draft of the first draft of each of them and I'll be doing a lot of trimming and repositioning, no doubt.

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Thank you! 
Did a little more on one of the dryad's legs and butt-cheeks and a bit on the dude's torso.  Decided that a "bell-bottom" shape to the legs and feet would help preserve both dryad curves and cactus lumpiness. Playing this whole thing by ear though.


Also started on the dryad's face. Will add the crest later. 

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Now we're making progress towards some cact-broccoli! 


Got the first set or two of crest-lobes on the dryad's head: 

Looks a bit medusa-ish right now, but it should clear up in context, or perhaps with a flower or two.


And the mister is also coming along. He's got all four limbs and we are working on the head and face. I'm aiming for a build that could be described as "Wookie-like."
Head will look better with a hat on. I also need to give him a belt and a bandanna. 

And some twisted wire makes a dandy lariat! 

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Further progress! Got a tattered old hat, a bandanna, and a belt for the pokiest cowpoke:

and filled out the dryad's torso a bit. I want her to look healthy and robust, like it rained not too long ago. 


Next item of business is hands, and figuring out exactly what I want that dryad to be doing with her left arm.

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And we are pretty close to being done here! I took the coward's way out for the dryad's left hand; had a dainty hand with a revolver in the bits box. I think on the dryad I'll want to go over that hand and her neck/collarbone area with Liquid Green Stuff and redo the cactus grooves. Or should I give her a bandanna, too? What do you think? 

For the cowboy, I gave him some hands and blobby feet. The right hand was pretty thin, so I bulked it up later. Anything you think he needs? Or any places I should scalpel? Feedback is appreciated, this being uncharted territory! 

Here's the pair of them, 


and click below for the full turnaround. 






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17 hours ago, Warlady said:

Wow!  Super job - I am envious of your sculpting skills!


On 6/3/2019 at 12:04 PM, Rainbow Sculptor said:

Very cool idea and design decisions! 

Thank you! I appreciate it. TBH, the set of dental picks and silicon nudging tools is doing most of the work.

18 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good progress!

Now paint them!


I suggest a base with desert crackle paint so you get that dried desert ground look!

Can do and good call! I do have a pot of that Agrellan Earth stuff...

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