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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 2


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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 2 "Deadly Infection" has the Penguin and Doctor Death trying to do something evil while some version of Batman and two of his allies try to stop them. 


Mission 2 Crew


I'm not terribly familiar with Doctor Death, and I couldn't find too many good pictures of him online, so I just went with a zombie-ish look.  The Penguin was also a little tricky, but for the opposite reason.  He has been around for a while and has a slew of looks.  Although I was planning on sticking to the Batman Animated Series as a baseline, I found the color scheme for the Penguin there a bit bland.  Other versions of the Penguin have a lot more purple, so used purple for his pants, tie and hatband.  And I figured if the Penguin wold wear purple, it would be Imperial Purple, of course.  I didn't have much luck with his monocle, but its good enough for tabletop.   


Out of the available heroes, I painted Batman Year 100 and the two Robins.  I'm not too familiar with Batman Year 100 either, but he seems a bit like a vampire, so I went in that direction with very little color.  I took the Robins looks from the Batman Animated Series, pretty much.  The Damian Wayne look with the yellow down the front I was particularly happy with.  He should have more yellow outlining, but I decided to stop before I ruined it.  


And apologies again for the glare.  I glossed these minis up before I decided to photograph them all.  The next set will be better, I swear!


Batman Year 100, aka Vampire Batman

Batman 100 Front Batman 100 Back


Robin (Tim Drake)

Robin Front Robin Back


Robin (Damian Wayne)

Damian Wayne Front Damian Wayne Back


Doctor Death (I presume)

Doctor Death Front Doctor Death Back


The Penguin.  He was actually a bit more fun to paint than I anticipated.  


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