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Reapercon 2019 Sunday get together dinner

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6 hours ago, Crimson_king_of_the_tower said:

So last year I forget who coordinated it but we had a forum get together dinner that Sunday evening of the con. I would like to throw my hat in this year to help with it.  I love doing research and finding restaurants lol.  If you did it last year and want help totally message me!


Yep, I was the one that organized it last year. ^_^


After doing a lot of looking around, I ended up just going with the hotel restaurant last year primarily because it drastically simplified the logistics:

  1. They are well prepared and equipped to handle 25+ people groups (I've gone in very large groups to restaurants that were neither of these, and waiting 45 mins for cold food is not fun)
  2. Better able to account for food sensitivities than a buffet (which were the other options I was looking at, due to point #1)
  3. Least amount of travel time needed (plus people could easily come late or leave early as needed)
  4. No vehicular transportation required (trying to coordinate several carpools and make sure nobody got left behind, while do-able, was a potential issue that seemed easiest to avoid at the time)

I'd be happy to set it up again this year, but if you'd like to take point, I'd be glad to assist! :) 



--OneBoot :D

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Having been to the dinner in 2017 offsite and 2018 when Boots chose the hotel restaurant, the hotel restaurant was the much more convenient of the two.  Given the number of people, trying to find a place offsite for a party of 40 - and then arranging to accomodate 40 - and then trying to get all 40 there at the same time is a complicated ordeal.  


40 here is a stand-in number, I don't know how many of us there were - just that there were a lot of us and I think at least 40 strong might be about right given that's ten tables of four and there 6 of us in the corner booth.  I also don't know how many there were drop-ins who may not have been in the initial list but showed up and found seats (or just found out about it and came in).  


OneBoot's solution was simple and brilliant not only because it solved the logistics neatly, but it built in some flexibility for additional people (and we met some new friends).  It also had the additional benefit of giving Houlihan's an enormous amount of business, which probably contributed greatly to them deciding we were an alright group of conventioneers after all and they'd be happy to have us back.  


So I think there are more reasons to choose Houlihan's again rather than scouting for an offsite location.    

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