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Tree of Despair Bones 4

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Have not posted in yonks but since I have received my bones 4 shipment I decided to post my work on the tree of despair.  After cleaning and puttying the gaps I pinned the vultures and not Conan in place.  I then remove the ropes from not Conans wrists and added wound brass wires in their place. 


These were then linked to the knots at the bottom of the ropes on the ends of the branches.


Other changes are changes in direction of some of the vultures heads.


Other additions are skulls and bones from my bits box on the base along with sand for texture. 

Hope you like.

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I initially thought I would be posting this tomorrow due to light problems but I managed to get some clean shots. 

It is all ready for oils.



Once the paint has had a couple of days to set I will start the oils.  I will get some more photos posted then. 

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Looks good as-is. Can't wait to see what you do to it. 

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3 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:


You can use oil paint with white spirits (turpentine) to create fine washes and filters (read tints) for the base color. 

Here is an example on the base.  The green tints are filtered over the dry brushed surface with the oil paint.  It keeps the original color but tints it slightly.  If you look up oil paints with fine scale modeling you will get a wealth of advice and techniques. IMG_0564.jpg



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I did two applications of oils.  The first came off a bit bright with just green and tan with some blues on the Not Conan for bruising.




As you can see the green came up a bit green.  I then toned it down with another application, this time of Burnt Umber. 




This will take a couple of days to set properly then I can seal and finish up the basing. 


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