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Nolzur's Shambling Mound

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It seems that scale creep is a very real thing! This is Nolzur's delightfully brutish and verdant Shambling Mound. For a Large creature it is very large indeed, easily the size of a tabletop-scale elephant or bigger, and extending way off a 2x2 base with its outstretched limb.

I put some straight-pin mushrooms on it, as I do. 

DSCN6239.thumb.JPG.a2a62bb31e23d0e17b07865cad009d4d.JPG DSCN6240.thumb.JPG.f2ac552155fea42ff1434fb67d553c3e.JPGDSCN6241.thumb.JPG.a1ae8563e93de8bb8365a50887463c60.JPGDSCN6242.thumb.JPG.efa05ae0a7269c17c43a5e52073ea7ab.JPGDSCN6243.thumb.JPG.0078367eca0ec1e37ef9634ce4cab400.JPG

Here's a group shot with Reaper's beautiful Swamp Shambler and a WotC grab-bag Dryad and Needle Blight, for scale comparison. DSCN6245.thumb.JPG.92ffb36ca3c7cdd50c39778537c42c6b.JPG

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Thank you! 

5 hours ago, Iridil said:

Wonder how it would go with these guys vs the apes?

Good question! The apes are great at using the jungle for their strategic military purposes; it would be *profoundly disorienting* to find out the jungle has strategic military purposes of its own.

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