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Another batch of speed paints!


Translucent Death Shroud:








Translucent Labella Demornay:





Bones 4 slime:




Flesh golem:



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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice, those translucents are very cool!


Thank you! I was really struggling with what to do with that dark grey color. It's so dark that the slightest thing can detract from the translucency

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    • By Rigel
      The Phantasm. This figure invokes all kinds of dread. Unlike a ghost, which is understandable to the extent it is an echo of a human personality, this thing is just plain SPOOKY. Monstruum horrendum, informe, ingens. Logic won't help you, interpersonal skills won't save you, instinct will be actively harmful. An Outside Context Problem, unnatural in every sense.

      The Death Shroud here, 02546, is an excellent example of the use of negative space.
      The sculpt reminds me greatly of the magnificent M. R. James ghost story, "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad." 

      "There was something about its motion which made Parkins very unwilling to see it at close quarters."

      "It would stop, raise arms, bow itself towards the sand, then run stooping across the beach to the water-edge and back again; and then, rising upright, once more continue its course forward at a speed that was startling and terrifying...

      "Now it began to move, in a stooping posture, and all at once the spectator realized...that it must be blind, for it seemed to feel about it with its muffled arms in a groping and random fashion..."

      "...what he chiefly remembers about it is a horrible, an *intensely* horrible, face of crumpled linen."

    • By Adrift
      Decided to do some Christmas red and green on this little scene I created!
      Practiced some blood and gore, still not thrilled with the blood and gore. 
      Just a rough/quick paintjob. 
      The victim is actually a Bones 1 zombie. I cut the arm off and his waist and then used copper wire to simulate intestines. I then used green stuff to make some gore. and I used the drilled out coils of Bones plastic as well!!!!
      Hope you like!

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