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Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22


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Welcome to our latest Kickstarter release: Wood Elves

A collection of wood elf miniatures that will continue to grow after the completion of this project. So let us know what else you want to see. We may even squeeze a few more miniatures into this campaign! 

Artist (Dan Jack): "This was quite an exciting project to work on.  I have always pictured wood elves to be more feral and slightly darker than modern interpretations. The horns for me, are a way of depicting an elder, in an otherwise young looking race. As the elves become more integrated with the forest, they start to develop horns, which are seen as a nod to their stature with in the force. You will see some of the leaders with horns. This in turn, is a foundation we will be building into the narrative of our game. The death of an elf works in both directions. As they come closer to death and old age, you shall see a more warped by the forest aesthetic. I am looking forward to pushing this further with characters in the expansion of this range, as well as more young'uns."


Please note that the items that are shown in black are a guaranteed addition to box sets. They will be revealed as stretch goals to generate excitement!



Shipping Date:  APRIL 2020


If you don't want the full box set, you can build your own custom order, by adding up the value of the items you want, and then pledge that amount in the 'build you own pledge' reward. You will get to pick and choose what you want in the pledge manager using your credit.





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43 minutes ago, Inarah said:

The renders are lovely, but I need to see what they look like after casting.  They seem to have an awful lot of fine detail and deep recesses. Also curious about assembly. 

Agreed. But I do love this particular take on wood elves.


I also agree that there is a strong semblance of The Dragon Prince in these sculpts :lol:


Artistically I feel like some of them should be bare-footed. Their roughshod looking boots strike me as more dwarven in appearance and less 'natural' or 'wood elf'. The sorceress atop the toadstool REALLY should be bare-footed as she really has a druidic vibe about her.


Y'all aren't going to be able to unsee the boots bothering you now... :ik_oops:

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I have a bunch of stuff from their first orcs campaign.  Really nice quality, in my opinion.  But I haven't actually assembled/painted any of it yet.  But I do have a project for them now that I'm thinking about it.  And I really do like the look of these.  Did anybody get the dwarves?

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