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Thunderstone Quest - Expansion Minis


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The rest of my Kickstarter for AEG's Thunderstone Quest came in.  This was for an expansion that changed the player count from 2-4 to 1-6 as well as adding a cooperative mode.  I'm not sure I'd want to play this game at 6 players unless it is cooperative because there is a lot of downtime when its not your turn.  In cooperative mode, it seems that everyone goes at the same time, so that probably reduces down time.  


I didn't realize it at the time, but the expansion ALSO comes with two minis (6 were included in the base game so it wasn't strictly necessary).  I also didn't realize that the monk had a mark on her forehead that I THINK is intentional (these aren't the best minis, as you can see from the crease down her back).  I would have painted her a lighter skin tone so the mark would stand out better if I realized that earlier.  I chose green for her since a nice yellow/orange color was already taken by one of the other minis I painted for this game and I wanted unique player colors.  Likewise, I chose white for the crusader because all the good colors were taken and I could see him as a paladin type.  


Hopefully I don't get any more minis for this game because I'm running out of unique player colors.  


845912168_2019-05-2019_40_10.thumb.jpg.0fd38fb819f099de4ee2fad08d83b003.jpg 1774999192_2019-05-2019_40_22.thumb.jpg.5ee06c01ff7f70f7739dc1bb72bb2622.jpg


1582924953_2019-05-2019_40_38.thumb.jpg.bdf20b06c82cd0b4af1837ba34b12d00.jpg 275172280_2019-05-2019_40_46.thumb.jpg.1014ae88e8de216d4396d5b80dc51caf.jpg

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