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Frost Giant Jarl Conversion (77106) - Growth Spurt Edition

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Howdy folks,

I dropped the frost giant princess in the WIP forum, so splitting the difference and putting the other half of this conversion project here under sculpting. This guy went from being a very large ogre, to (almost) scale height height for a frost giant. He is about a head taller than the fire giant king (77614) now. I went for an overly buff body builder physique, but with some age and sag starting to show in the chest, with some love handles forming. Thought that worked with older looking giant. With all the fur, thought bear (?) paw boots would be fun, though that would be a very large bear. Maybe an old pet.


This was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Still figuring our good ratios of green stuff to milliput for different applications, how to do small details (like carving out the glyphs in the skirt), and better technique in general. Now I have to try and stop green stuffing minis long enough to paint these.


Hope you enjoy it.


frost giant wip 1.jpg

frost giant wip 2.jpg

frost giant wip 3.jpg

frost giant wip 4.jpg

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