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The "Fabulous" Guard get some "Fabulous" Terrain

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So my daughter just had her first birthday a couple weeks ago and while plenty of people showed up we did end up bringing home a lot of leftovers, dessert in particular. We had about a quarter of a sheet cake and a few cupcakes too. Those cupcakes in particular though had a little something extra, topping each one was a plastic ring. Well I have to admit I couldn't help myself and the wheels started turning.


After maybe a couple hours from start to finish my "Fabulous" guardsmen" now have a "Fabulous" barricade/firing line. With its very large coverage I think this piece may be better suited to Killteam than 40K though.20190522_005825.thumb.jpg.87a3b4415c7091adc5ed83470a409c5d.jpg20190522_005843.thumb.jpg.f8d838a64081fba245a890603adacf73.jpg20190522_005956.thumb.jpg.a812bc3b3c433656ffea87f645ac0052.jpg

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4 minutes ago, Corsair said:

I would pay $5 just to see the reaction of your opponent when you plop that down on the table!

Unfortunately I don't really play anyone but my friends and after years of exposure they're pretty desensitized to shenanigans like this.

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