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In search of mystery and mayhem (Artizan figures) PIC heavy!

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In the ongoing saga of our adventuring friends:

I had a few more pieces that were at tabletop level that i wanted to show off and i managed to finish the standing stones from the bones III kickstarter so i thought its time for the next installment of our little adventure.  the ghost is done in glow in in the dark paints but i could not get those to photograph well.  unfortunately, the outlining of his swirl and face does not come out well with just the florescent paints.  You live you learn I guess.  Hope everyone enjoys! 


The star vampire is slightly modified from RAFM's old Call of Cthulhu line, as are the Ghouls and the ghost.  The stone ring is from Bones 3 kickstarter.


On a dark and stormy night 3 mysterious figures met in an ancient stone circle attempting to shift the fate of the world (and maybe add a little variety to their diet!  It turns out that the tome was not the only interesting thing in the library.  through some careful digging after being directed by the nefarious Madam Bruhegier the three came upon a box, sealed with locks and wards.  She instructed them to bring it to the circle



however our fearless heroes found out where the ritual was being performed and chased off the ghouls before the ceromony could be completed!  as our heroes began to investigate the box, a mysterious figure rose from the ground:  the ghost of the recently deceased professor Jacob: "you must not open the box or allow it to be taken! what is locked inside would spell the demise of yourself and countless others.  Return it to its resting place and do not disturb it again!"




unfortunately, our heroes spent too much attention concentration on the ghost and not on the ghouls that they had chased off.  Soon our heroes were bound and gagged in a corner of the relic site and the ghouls once again began the ritual!  Once again the ghost of Jacob rose and bespoke his warning!




and was promptly ignored.  The ghouls opened the box but did not have even moments to enjoy their victory before the object of their desire became the object of demise.  A Star Vampire rose from the inside of the box and promptly absorbed the living (at least somewhat living at any rate) things around it!






What will our heroes do?  Will they become the vampires next meal?  will they vanquish the beast and put it back into the box that has been its home for so long?  Or will they run away into the night hoping to live out their lives before the beast tracks them down?


Only time will tell!


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    • By WhiteWulfe
      Finished my first mini this year, and oddly enough it was a speedpaint, taking just over an hour...

      On the flipside, some of those colours work together really, REALLY well, like Sunrise Orange and Heart Throb Paint.
    • By Rigel
      Karla, Anime Heroine, is a beautiful sculpt with a great nurse hat. The miniskirt, while delightful, could be more pulp-era appropriate, so I sculpted a hemline extension. I also replaced a handgun with a syringe, and then gave her a couple of backup syringes and converted her other firearm to a needle gun. She is here to cure what ails you! 

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      My miniatures list has more varieties of pulp than a paper-mill town grocery's orange juice aisle. Mad scientists, apes, cultists, cosmic horrors, spacemen, sky pirates, zeppelineers, two-fisted heroes, etc. But not a lot of what was for several decades, the most common pulp villain. Let's paint something for our heroes to fight!

      Artizan's Thrilling Tales line comes through once again. 
      Here are two horrible and officious jerks, on a pre-dawn hunt for Resistance agents. "Oberst von Stroop" is the one with the gun; "Major Kreipe" the one with the satchel and the dueling scar.

      We've seen a couple of the Resistance before, but I believe this is the first time I've posted a picture of "Georges." I had fun with the argyle sweater-vest.

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      Funnily enough, for a man who sees and hears nothing, Private Trummer has a knack for not being around in a crisis...

      Finally, a group shot, as such groups should be. 

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      This looks pretty fun. Apologies for formatting on my phone and stuff got lost. They pay a living wage
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