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09040 DARK SHADOW MSP Core Color

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Recently tried this out...paint thinned using 75% Liquitex Airbrush Medium/25% Liquitex Slo-Dri Fluid Retarder mix in three test groups.
The Bones mini was washed/cleaned and then primered using Stynylrez Black with a dry brushing of Stynylrez White.

The lightest (upraised arm) is around 90% thinned.
The middle (arm down) is around 50% thinned.

The darkest (torso) is not thinned and straight out of the bottle.

I originally bought this thinking it was more of a "Dark Shadow" and would be a black/gray, it's not. It's really like a Sepia.
It's not the color I originally thought it was, but it turned out for the best anyway. This is a truly awesome color.

Thought I'd share my experience with it.



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Just a tiny bit of unsolicited commentary.  I think I can explain confusion in the name.  Its "Dark Shadow" because it's the shadow color for the Dark Skin triad.  your dark grays are going to be Shadowed Stone, Stormy Gray, or Tempest Gray,

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