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SPACEFUTURE! Space Mouslings: Mouslings...from SPACE! (01434 and 80085)


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At last, a return to the retro-future that never will have been! 01434 is a three-pack of mouslings with four head options included. A plucky, adventurous crew of spacefaring rodents. It is unclear if they are an uplifted species, or naturally evolved descendants of the lab mice shot into space back in the heady fossil-fuel days before the Last World War. After all, who KNOWS what kinds of effects Deep Space has on the murine body and mind? (See PKD's  "The Infinites" and James White's "The Conspirators"; no doubt there are others). But they're here, and they have blasters and space suits, and what more could you want? Are you made of stone?! 

Introducing the quick-witted Buck Roquefort!

The intrepid Flash Gorgonzola!!

The dauntless Honor Chevington!!!

And the *overwhelmingly* well-armed James Camembertius Kirk!!!!
80085 is a BIG Bones mecha-mousling with missiles to spare. He is ready to rain down hellfire and bring on FROMAGEDDON. (or perhaps, LEERDAMMERUNG? Golly I love cheese puns.)

Here's the three from 01434:

And the whole crew (note, 01434 comes with mix-and-match heads--three bodies, two helmets and two unhelmeted heads): DSCN6424.thumb.JPG.9ed158a63acbdec7f8979e6079a93929.JPG

A bit of surgery later and I put the leftover smaller helmet on 80085, the Space Mousling Heavy. I believe @Corsair was asking on another thread about small mousling heads for a Starfinder Ysoki; this is one possibility, being noticeably smaller than its counterparts and also space-ready!

I recently impulse-bought some pale neon yellow paint, and used it for the bases and minor OSL. The asteroid is a stress ball I touched up with some Reaper Alien Goo and that same phosphorescent paint. 

A bunch more pictures if you want them; C&C welcome either way. Onward and starward, cadets! 




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12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Fun project!

I like the little critters!


11 hours ago, Warlady said:

Fun as always!  Great project!

Thanks! They are delightful. 

4 hours ago, Adrift said:

Clint Eastwood voice: "I don't think this rock is big enough for the 4 of us..."

Ha! It really wasn't, and the material didn't stick to Sticky Tack or I'd have done some gravity shenanigans.

I thought of captioning this one 
"Split up, men...he can't have gone far!"

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On 5/24/2019 at 4:15 PM, Garbosch said:

Great! Not my kind of miniatures, but they look very good. And your presentation makes this to a great project :winkthumbs:

Thank you! I wasn't sure about the Heavy myself, but I do love retro pulp.

20 hours ago, vhaidra said:

LOL, I find them supercool. Great! Again a very nice scene and this osl turned out damned good!!! I love this freaky sculpts and the paintjobs too.

Thank you very much! I haven't done much OSL, so this is very rewarding to hear! If you want to see more retrofuturism, search for the "spacefuture" tag. I've got quite a few.

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14 hours ago, Rigel said:

Thank you! I wasn't sure about the Heavy myself, but I do love retro pulp.

Thank you very much! I haven't done much OSL, so this is very rewarding to hear! If you want to see more retrofuturism, search for the "spacefuture" tag. I've got quite a few.


Maybe you didn`t paint 100 hours at the osl, but it despite looks convincing and this is the main thing. You should do it more often, it is always a nice eye catcher. I`ve searched for this "spacefuture" tag, but I only found this thread here again (???). Link?

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@RigelThanks! This looks better. I checked out already a couple, but all at once are too much (I still have just few offtime at the moment). I bookmarked this and from time to time I will necroing the one or the other of your older threads. Very funny, entertaining stuff. Love it ::D:

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