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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 4


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Mission 4 "An Icy Welcome" is the first strictly two player map, and it stars my favorite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze.  


Only two miniatures and I actually finished theses a bit ago, but never put them up because things have gotten a bit busy (in a good way).  I was even able to get in some games of Batman!  I'm not too familiar with Batman Year Zero (or Batman Zero Year or something), I can't understand how the gloves go with the rest of his outfit.  


I used my favorite MSP Sample (pinkish/purplish) paint for both figures.  It is such a great color.

Mr Freeze and Batman


And a crossbow!  When does Batman use a crossbow?

501153419_2019-05-1921_49_01.thumb.jpg.9e5971d94904086d0100d6d5f19aa788.jpg 195226910_2019-05-1921_49_07.thumb.jpg.80a7e5d011f4e7de59e5fb6fbface546.jpg


My favorite Batman enemy since (and because of) Batman: The Animated Series, Mr. Freeze's B:TAS design comes from Mike Mignola, Hellboy creator, and you can tell.  The more recent designs don't stray too far.  I'm not happy with the gun, but the rest of his body painted up nicely with just a little drybrush work.  Super simple.

1161289703_2019-05-1921_48_35.thumb.jpg.11659830a9d37bff2de35f4bc1fc6a9d.jpg 1676286911_2019-05-1921_48_51.thumb.jpg.3811173879461408983dbd6f4591a2e2.jpg




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