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Darcstaar vs. Bones 1 ep. 3 Oxidation Beast

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This was a bastard sword from one of the Reaper weapons sprues (Metal).  I cut off a lot of the handle, and 1/3 of the blade (center).  I used a file to make the cut end more rounded and gouged as if eaten away by rust.




Sadly, I didn’t think about mold lines on this bit.  I will try the brush on sealer trick.

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Thanks everyone.

More progress on the metal version.




I got the top primed and put two coats of HD Crimson Red on it.  I trimmed and FILED the katana, and just laid it in to see if this is a good spot.




Next, to really deepen the cracks between plates, and to pull the red down to brown, I washed it with Agrax Earthshade.

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Added Solid Black stippling.  I used my “liner” mix which is water, retarder, and flow improver to thin the paint, and use a good 0 size brush with a sharp point.  I’m quite pleased with the look: I was worried it would be a little strawberry or ladybug-ish, but it came out pleasantly surprising.





And that’s it for today.

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Haven’t had much Painting time.  Here is some progress.




I feared it would be hard to get to the medial surfaces of the antennae once glued on, so I painted that surface prior to assembly.




I also painted the eyes prior to assembly:

Green Liner, Peacock Green, Grass Green, 1:1 Grass Green:Alien Goo, Pure Alien Goo, then a dot of Pure White.





Post assembly.  Ugh, the lower surfaces of the antennae are really close.  Painting these will be tough.

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