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Roc - Bones 4 - American Kestrel variant

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Trying to paint the new Bones 4 Roc with the coloring of the American Kestrel. You can see some of my printed off sample images/notes.


I was mainly taking the photos so I can recall what colors I am blocking in sections, so if I get distracted (typically), I can go back an easily pick up the colors I need. As I was taking the picture, I thought I might try my first WIP, so here it goes...



Roc - 1A.jpg

Roc - 1B.jpg

Roc - 1C.jpg

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Thanks for the 'eye's' complements! I actually was going for something completely different, and just went with how it was turning out.


The wingspan on the model is rather large, but I did not know it was the same as a real kestrel... Some updates - based painted the underbody, and added a bit to face and talons.

Roc - 4A.jpg

Roc - 4B.jpg

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