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Werewolves (Wizkids)


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Just a quick paint up. Decided to leave the wizkids primer in place and man did it give me problems. Paint just refused to stick to a few areas of the miniatures if i applyed any pressure with the brush. Took several layers of paint to shore it up and that clogged up a bit of detail. Over all they came out alright. 



Love to hear what you all think.

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Thank you! Glad you like them.


3 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I have these two mini's (wanted to use for a Blood Bowl undead team), looks good despite the issues. Would you recommend priming over the primer or straight up strip, wash and clean re-prime?


I'd side on just stripping it. The prime job on the wizkids minis are more of a liability than feature in my experience. It has a tendency to be overly thick and uneven. 

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