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I never would have imagined the Little Old Monsters could paint up SO BEAUTIFULLYVERY WELL DONE!

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Great palette on a bunch of rad little figures, but that severed paw on the standard is really superb. Tells a whole bunch of stories. Well done!

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They all look great; good work on them!

Also, it's nice to see some old school lead getting some cool new paint jobs.

I've got a set of these guys somewhere; I may have to dig them up and do some painting.

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Thanks, all!


These guys are definitely some of my favorite sculpts that I've painted. Their strangely proportioned bodies and their faces won me over. Every time I look at them I think, "They don't make them like this anymore!"

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    • By Citrine
      Yay, finished in time to enter 2013 Dragon challenge with 6 hours to spare....
      He is 2 lbs 2.5 ounces of lead, so pretty straining on the wrists. The WIP is here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52564-teronus-grenadier-dragon-wip/
      I will likely put him on a display base later.

      With a dwarf snack for size:

    • By Vacaroja
      Ready to protect the temple! (I don't know which temple, but they're protecting it.)
      My three favorites are the archer, the crossbowman, and the guy with the big mace.



    • By Kangaroorex
      Another one finished up over the holiday weekend.  This is from the second dragon of the month series that Grenadier did and contained a lot of really strange and interesting dragons that I am proud to own.  This one came to me without a tongue and with damaged spines.  I replaced the tongue but decided I liked the broken spines so I left them that way.  I had fun with this.  Again , not master work but fun and interesting to do and some day some adventurer is going to get snapped up like a bug from this guy!

    • By Rat13
      With my Cadian army nearly finished and my wife's army at a playable state I decided to take a break from 40k painting. Since I've been painting for our actual armies for so long I decided to start a new WIP thread rather than use my old random projects thread (the "Too Many Projects" thread will be replaced by this one).
      But before getting too far ahead I'd like to show everyone just how bad my box got while painting for 40k and killteam. This of course doesn't include any GW boxes I may or may not have on hand to paint "just for fun". I swear I'll paint those Skaven sooner or later.
      Though some of the figures were closer to completion, I simply couldn't resist painting one I've had my eye on for months (I mean this quite literally as the figure sat on my lamp's base since I first got it and probably ended up in the background of many of my progress shots). When I first pulled this from a box of goodwill I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This figure just screamed Don Quixote, at least to me it did. So that's exactly how I painted it and though it may just be a simple paint job I'm already thinking about creating a new character just to use it.
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