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    • By Fencig
      a batch i painted for a friend. They won't win any contests (I'm really not that good painting this small ),  but hopefully you find them interesting . These are Song of Blades Dwarves + 1 older Partha or Grenadier (can't remember which). I would have taken this further with both painting and basing but our game with this player has sadly come to and end, so for a freebie i think they're not half bad.  They look a lot better in person, the shading on the skin i did, which IMO is subtle but well balanced, is totally wiped out here,  but until i find the $250.i need for a decent camera ..........................

       This is Emerald Oathbreaker, a Dwarven Cleric of Moradin and Cagot who's quest is to restore honor to family name.
      The hammer is 100% metal, so pretty happy with how that came out . Shield straps are sculpted

      A berzerker i think,  again, shading in hair obscured by cheap camera

         This guys shield was stolen by Emerald, who's kind of a bully

       an old RP or Grenadier,  interesting comparison in style differences between then and now.  Love the curled up, high heeled,  Cowboy boots. Initially I was going to straighten out the eyes, but he really has this "drunk as a skunk" look about him so in a weird way the eyes fit

           the matriarch , who has to clean up after them ,  
      " Who Lefty these dirty dishes out"  :)

           A fun little set, not something i would have bought or done on my own initiative, but i did wind up with 3 duplicates of most of them, (except for the RP and Emerald), so i got 3 for myself and gave some more to the DM
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