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New Dragon


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If Alliance is to be believed, the name is Viridius.

that is the current name for this beautiful piece by Jason Wiebe.


I've been told he should be available between August and October.


Anne had him at O and was starting his paint job for the box art, he'll be a green dragon if I remember correctly.


cher ^_^

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OK, I'll have to confess something to my embarrasement and for your amusement. It was a true "blonde" moment, although I'm not blonde! ::P:


When at ReaperCon I happened upon the table with the dragon. My mind was full of Warlord at the time and so when I saw a box with the big bold word "Suggestions" I inmediately grabbed a little piece of paper and started to write something along the lines of: "I'd like to see a kick-a** monk character type in Warlord!" You'd think the one liner little piece of paaper would have been an indication, but I write small ::D:


I put the piece of paper in the box and right afterwards noticed this other sign that appeared to have instructions and rules. I read over them and then frantically realized that the folks at Reaper would be laughing their a**es off at my expense... ah well. Hope I lightened someones day...


Needless to say, I somehow don't think the dragon will be called "kick-a** monk character" :lol:

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