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Best Cleric Minis?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for clerics? I know Reaper rand Dark sword have some great classic figures but seeing if anyone else has any favorites. Looking for mace as opposed to hammer (the whole priesthood of Sigmar in numerous editions of Warhammer have given me enough characters with hammers)

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I'm partial to 2475 Christina the Devout. You can make some nice OSL effects with her lantern. There's a second version of her as well 3805 Chrisitna. I don't have that one (yet), but it looks like she has a shield on her back. Both are great examples of female warriors without the usual boob armor. You could even have one for lower levels and the other for higher levels.

02475_w_1.jpg 03805_w_1.jpg


7023 Ailene is another great mace wielding cleric. This one is holding a shield instead of a lantern. Love how her outfit mixes priestess robes with plate armor so nicely. No mistaking this one for a fighter.



If you're looking for a male I kinda like 2398 Denefin. Guy is pretty fierce looking. All kinds of aggro going on. 

02398_w_2.jpg 02398_w_1.jpg


There's also a couple nice dwarf clerics with maces if you need them. If you want links for them let me know. I just posted my top favorites. 

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1 hour ago, JoeGKushner said:

Does anyone have any recommendations for clerics?

Well I mean cleric is just a set of features and expected traits. What you do beyond that is up to you.


But if you mean the obvious knight hospitalier imagery, then Reaper's got a couple of good Knight Templars with maces:




I also like Balthazar Ironfaith, one of his weapon options is a studded mace:



Dean Hawkwood is good too:



There's another version of Christina that Coralline omitted:


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Reaper has some really great Evil Clerics too if you are interested. 


Deckard Nightveil is a favourite

Athak is great




I also like Olivia quite a lot, since she's pretty unassuming. 



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I'm also a big fan of this version of Tolzar. His face works well for callow acolyte or grizzled veteran of three crusades, depending on how you want to paint him.


Olivia is a very characterful sculpt if you want a cleric who isn't in the midst of running an infidel's day. She has some great robes if you like painting cloth, and opportunity for up to two transparent glass bottles, which I always think is fun. She's also available in Bones, but the link I gave is her slottabase Warlord version in metal.


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