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I have hobbied! Bones IV Wraiths

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Very nice!

I like the brown/reddish one the best.

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Thank you for the nice comments (and all the likes).


My job decided that I belonged in Department B instead of Department A, which moved me to the main offices...Not where I really wanted to be although it is indeed the better fit.  It's taken me a year to make the adjustment, but I'm finally doing it and lifting the brush has been a help (certainly more than playing solitaire on the tablet 40 minutes a day).  "Creature of habits" or some such.

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I definitely liked that you went with different shades and didn't go all blacks and grays.  What did you use for the armour?  I like it.  You've inspired me to paint my set in different reds, blues and purples.  

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Thank you, @stormbreach!


The armor, in most cases, was a base of Adamantium Black followed up with some Shadowed Steel to serve as my version of "highlights."  I'm awful at highlighting--I keep switching my reference point and am just generally inconsistent when it comes to how much of any particular layer should be left.  I am working on it, but progress is slower than I would like.


The crowned wraith was run with the Natural Steel Triad (Shadowed Steel, Tarnished Steel, True Silver).


I seem to have neglected my notes when it comes to the weapons.  I think I used Gunmetal Blue, Aged Pewter, and Honed Steel but I can't be sure.

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