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BONES IV: "Dance of Death"

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I think your chosen colour palette works wonderfully.


That’s a beautiful display piece.

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I love it!

We're our own worst critics! I think you can be proud of this!

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Thank you all! 


A doubt I had was with red one's wings: if do it with that toasty brown-black and just a bit of a highlight or fully paint it with blendings from dark brown to orange. Ultimately I think that it looks best like that. 

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Well done!  You have a piece to be proud of there.  I really like the lower dragon, the color and detail stand out really well.  The base is also a very food level of providing interest without drawing attention away from the dragons.


Keep up the great work!

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I really like the color of that lower dragon, especially the way you did his wings.

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    • By Citrine
      Yay, finished in time to enter 2013 Dragon challenge with 6 hours to spare....
      He is 2 lbs 2.5 ounces of lead, so pretty straining on the wrists. The WIP is here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/52564-teronus-grenadier-dragon-wip/
      I will likely put him on a display base later.

      With a dwarf snack for size:

    • By Cygnwulf
      ******EDIT : Jump to Show-Off thread
      Everyone, meet Viridius.  

      He's a hefty boi.  No Ma'al or Kalladrax, but still pretty big. He doesn't even fit in my light box, as you can see.   
      I've thought a long time about how I was going to paint him up, I don't think I'm going to go with the standard green dragon look.  Instead I'm going to take my inspiration from the time of year, and make him an autumn forest dragon, whose coloration changes with the forest around him.   So I'll be doing him in mostly golden yellows to oranges and reds, but keeping some greenish tones as the base of scales and other places, to kind of give a reminder of the verdent glory he was before.
      One thing I'm choosing to see as an opportunity is that the tops of his wings are very smooth, ideal for some freehand work.  The question is, what to do?  Some kind of leaf like pattern, or perhaps a butterfly like eye pattern (in the leaf colors, of course)
      Out of the box bag he was in pretty good shape.  The usual mold line cleanup, though he has some gaps that will need to be filled.  I followed up with reshaping the wings a little with some boiling water.  I forgot to get a complete before picture, but below you can see the before and after for the right wing

      I've had to fully assemble him, I don't like the way the wing joins look without greenstuff, so that's going to be the first order of business.  So painting around the wings might be a chore, but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before (Although, not in recent history)

      I begain the gapfill on the right side, but after sticking a finger in greenstuff twice and having to flip him back to touch up the texture, I decided to call it a night and do the left side gaps later.

    • By Cygnwulf
      So I had this idea that Viridius was a forest dragon, and that his scales would color with the leaves of his trees.  I started on him about 6 months ago and finally finished him this weekend.  Big pictures so i'll spoiler most of them but I'm very happy with how he came out.  Going to be doing some additional work on my basing game in the future.
      Pictures are the best I can do at this time, he's way too big for my photo box, so I did my best to set up some canvases around to reflect light around as much as I could.

      Want more? Here's the WIP thread 
    • By theleast
      I'm painting again after a looong absence.

      The colour scheme was inspired by Australian Frilled-neck Lizards and Thorny Devils. Base was extended with an MDF circle, cork, stones, and green stuff. I used my airbrush to prime it all and lay down the base colours, then lots of hand-painting, washing and drybrushing.
    • By Rat13
      Beyond all comprehension they had lost the asset. They knew the Emperor wouldn't tolerate such incompetence which only left them one option, they had to take it back. 
      The Rupert called for his best and brightest, well the best and brightest the Guard had to offer. The Rupert quickly briefed the squad's sergeant before sending him off with a gruff, "Get it done".
      The "Fabulous" squad charged the greenskins with cries of, "That's my purse" and "I don't know you!"
      Through difficult fighting the "Fabulous" squad prevailed, but not without heavy casualties. Once the bodies, both human and xenos, were cleared away it was time for some much needed refreshment. The Rupert and the sergeant approached the asset looking forward to a much deserved reward.
      And now for some "better" pictures of the Soda/Beer machine from Bones IV.
      This was a ton of fun to paint and I honestly can't wait to sneak it onto my next 40K table; I see my friends getting a real kick out of this. Though the text isn't as crisp as I'd like I can always come back later after more practice. For now I'm really happy with this piece though.
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